PVC Trapezoid Trunking 60x22mm

PVC Trapezoid Trunking 60x22mm
Product Specification:
Material:  Rigid New PVC, inflaming retarding PVC
Certificate:  GB/T19001-2008,ISO9001:2008
Color:   Up to buyer, no have discoloration and aging, UV resistant
Smell:   no scent,environmental
Appearance:   Regular round, smooth, light, beautiful Decent packaging
Non-conductive:   Good insulation, assuring a safe system
Smooth surface:   Small friction coefficient to ensure the cables go through smoothly
Fire resistant:   Self-extinguishing, do not support combustion
Corrosion Resistance:   Resistant to acids, bases and salts, assuring a lower maintenance cost and a longer performance life
Impact strength:   Resistant to compression and impact, suitable to be buried in concrete
Easy Installation:   solvent cement and threading joining, durable
1. Wiring installation
2. Public area cable layout
3. Security and protection system
4. Indoor cabling
5. Underground cabling
Size list of PVC Trapezoid Trunking:
Size Thickiness Packing (pcs/bundle)
20x10 mm 0.90 mm 30
24x14 mm 1.60 mm 10
39x19 mm 1.70mm 15
60x22 mm 1.80 mm 25