Best Quality Professional PVC Trunking manufacturers Factory

Best Quality Professional PVC Trunking manufacturers Factory

Shingfong Best Quality Professional PVC Trunking manufacturers Factory,Shingfong has 4pcs of forklift, we are able to load 5 x 40HQ containers in one day.

Professional PVC Trunking manufacturers.
They has been manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of international quality standards, and its quality can be guaranteed because it has passed through many quality certifications.

Shingfong’s PVC trunking range is the perfect solution for a number of cable management project installations, including domestic and commercial installs. Adhesive foam tape backing is available for absorbing unwanted and uneven surfaces. It’s supplied in more than 200 different size and thickness. They are available with a range of accessories and fittings. Using this trunking, in addition, it is advisable to use screw and wall plugs attachment for certain applications.

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The product offers substantial benefits to both patients and clinicians, as it is able to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

• Function:  Cabling

• Material:  PVC

• Configuration:  Rigid

• Width:  Max: 200mm   Min: 10mm

• Height:  Max: 100mm   Min: 9mm

• Feature:  High Performance, Light in weight, Weather proof


1.What is your terms of packing?
Generally, we pack PVC Trunking in PE bags or Carton Boxes, pack PVC Conduit in PE bags.
2.Can you produce according to the samples?
Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We could further discuss on building the specific molds.
3.What is your terms of delivery?


1.Shingfong covers an area of 25,000 M², contains 2 plants of prodution, 3 warehouses as well as office building.
2.Shingfong has the most quantity of PVC Trunking Size, from min. 10x10mm to 200x100mm. More than 200pcs different size and thickness.
3.Shingfong has 4pcs of forklift, we are able to load 5 x 40HQ containers in one day.
4.Shingfong has 150 workers, we are able to finish orders in short time, even with complex packing requirement.

About Shingfong

Sihui Shingfong Plastic Product Factory Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer engaged in high polymer materials, its main products are: PVC Cable Trunking, PVC Conduit, PVC-U drainage pipes, PVC-U water-supply pipes and related accessories. Shingfong was established in 1995, located in No. 168, QingDong Road, Dongcheng District, Sihui City, Guangdong Province, covers an area of 38.8 acres. Shingfong has 30 sets of automatic production lines, annual production capacity is 30,000 tons, with the output value of USD30 million or more.

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